Efficiency through networked processes

IoT connected to the Dynamics 365 platform

Take advantage of alnamic as a reliable partner for the implementation of your IoT projects, and benefit from the efficiency of the Microsoft technology platform as the basis for trouble-free and secure operation.

The interaction between IoT and Dynamics 365

Continually create new business opportunities with IoT technology.

Analysts, providers and users agree on one thing: the targeted use of modern technologies will increasingly be the key to the success of future business strategies. This goes for the traditional small or medium-sized entrepreneur, as well as ‘hidden champions’, and even big corporations. Whether it's the Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent supply chains, Industry 4.0 or smart products, essentially the process is one of digitalisation, these days often termed ‘digital transformation’. Technology is the basis and the driver of innovation. As there is no single recipe for businesses to follow, there is a need for strong partnerships.

Greater efficiency through networked processes

In the view of alnamic AG, the extent of integration of IoT applications into business processes will be a significant factor in determining success in the future. In the end it’s a question of transferring the knowledge gained from data, ideally automated, into value creation processes.

Connected Field Service

A good example is the connected field services based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, enabling the seamless integration of ‘things’ in the field with a company’s service processes, so that work that needs to be assigned to technicians, for example, can be planned more quickly and easily.The Microsoft video will give you an idea of how Connected Field Service is integrated in practice, and how it can benefit businesses. The video is about 14 minutes long.

Connected Factory

With Connected Factory, data from production machinery can be used directly in production planning with Dynamics 365. So production managers are always aware of the condition of the machinery and can respond immediately to any changes, for example, by rescheduling, or by providing relevant information to the customers concerned. This second video will give you an idea of the benefits that can be derived from Connected Factory in production. The video is about 5 minutes long.

IDG-study IoT 2018

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The IDG-study, IoT 2018