Keep Machinery and equipment control at all times.

The platform: e-ControlNet

e-ControlNet lets you deploy modular features for the management of technical systems and devices worldwide on one service platform. This gives you an overview of all data and gives you access to equipment and systems whenever you need it.

IoT industry solutions for heating, ventilation, air conditioning

Design more efficient processes

The “fourth industrial revolution” or “industry 4.0” refers to the digitalisation of the economy and especially the dynamic networking of systems and machinery. Through the use of a flexible IoT solution, businesses in different industries can digitally monitor, service and proactively maintain their machines and equipment. This saves operational, maintenance and repair costs and, in the worst-case scenario, avoids high downtime costs.

To gain and maintain market share it is now essential to provide additional services with your products.

From experience

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important for technical systems used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning of houses and commercial properties. To win consumers and tenders, energy-efficient equipment and appliances alone are no longer enough. Those who are looking to gain and keep market share should offer additional services for their products. The industry leaders do it as follows: a universal concept for central remote monitoring of systems and offers for additional services. In practice this means:

Our IoT solution

We offer you a holistic solution concept for remote monitoring and remote parameter adjustment of technical equipment in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. Extensive functions provide support for all industry-standard processes, from commissioning through to system monitoring and service activities.

Our expertise and years of experience allow us to link control systems from a wide variety of plant types.

e-ControlNet merges data, systems and processes into a central service platform and enables access to the defined functions based on the target group, This allows engineers to, for example, monitor the maintenance status of the facilities under their supervision or proactively respond to incoming alerts. The end customer has access to selected control functions, e.g. via an app, and flexible access to data from the HVAC system based on their needs.

Benefits for you: