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The platform: e-ControlNet

e-ControlNet lets you deploy modular functionalities for the management of technical systems and devices worldwide on one service platform. This gives you an overview of all data and gives you access to equipment and systems whenever you need it.

IoT industry solutionsfor water treatment

Greater efficiency through innovative IoT solutions

The “fourth industrial revolution” or “industry 4.0” refers to the digitalisation of the economy and especially the dynamic networking of systems and machinery. Through the use of a flexible IoT solution, businesses in different industries can digitally monitor, service and proactively maintain their machines and equipment. This saves operational, maintenance and repair costs and, in the worst-case scenario, avoids high downtime costs.

Nowadays, customers expect functions like control, monitoring, analysis and invoicing in one modern software solution, regardless of industry, manufacturer, areas of application, products, data volumes and communication paths.

From experience

Water is one of the most important resources. Increasingly efficient technology can assure the availability of clean drinking water worldwide in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Many German and European industrial companies support this development with highly specialized equipment and the corresponding expertise. However, sustainable management of globally distributed systems and machine stocks today also requires constant monitoring and optimisation of processes. This includes the following requirements:

Our IoT solution

We offer you a complete solution for monitoring and managing your water treatment equipment. The most modern IoT technology networks together on-site sensors and controllers with a central platform. e-ControlNet acts as a kind of control centre, giving you access to data from all systems that you can then analyse and make the right decision.

Benefits for you: