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Behind every success story is a strong team!

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A woman. A boat. The Atlantic. A project.

Lina Rixgens on her way to Mini Transat 2017

To put it provocatively: What challenges and adventures actually exist nowadays that really drive us, as people, to improve?

More than 2/3 of the earth's surface is covered by oceans, and large sections of it have still not been thoroughly researched. Upon seeing the unimaginable heights and depths of thousands of metres, we are filled with a long-lasting sense of respect. Can you imagine crossing the Atlantic all alone in a relatively small boat? On a journey of approximately 4,000 nautical miles between France and Martinique?

Lina Rixgens, a medicine student from Cologne, did exactly this and made her dream into a reality. With her sail boat in the Classe Mini 6.50 class, all alone across the Atlantic.

Her main goal is to be the first German woman to complete the Mini Transat 2017.

Foto: blondsign by Eike Schurr

Foto: blondsign by Eike Schurr

Lina has been sailing for many years on a wide range of different kinds of boats. It started out very promisingly, she was internationally active (incl. world championships) in the Europe class, she gained experience in ocean regattas with 'Haspa Hamburg' and sailed across the Atlantic as part of the "High Seas High School" project.

Although she knows what she's in for, she still remains true to her goal: Completing the difficult solo yacht race, Mini Transat, in the Classe Mini class. The boat is an offshore racer in the Classe Mini 6.50 class - 6.5 m long, 3 m wide, and extremely fast, especially on downwind courses.

There is a total of 84 participants, only around 12% of whom are women. To this day, no German woman has been able to cross the finish line in the Caribbean.

Behind every success story is a strong team!

A look behind the curtain shows what a remarkable project is behind this undertaking. It has already been more than two years in the planning and there have been many questions in that time ... What requirements need to be met? What equipment do I need and how do I get the necessary sponsorship? What steps are involved before I can start? Following this idea, it made sense to first create a business plan ... and then continuously make progress with the implementation.

Even though Lina will be sailing in her boat all alone, this kind of project can not be completed by one person. There is an excellent team behind her, driving her forward.

At almanic AG, we are very proud to have been able to accompany her on her adventurous journey and be a part of her team. Structure, organisation, and commitment are the keys to success. We also follow this principle in all of our projects and constantly strive to reach the envisioned goal with teamwork, passion, and dedication. You can find more information on Lina's project at her website.