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Microsoft describes its new platform for cloud-based services as an “end-to-end suite for intelligent business from the cloud". Dynamics 365 has been available since November 2016. The software unites Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM in an all-in-one solution. And so much more ...

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – the integrated all in one business solution

The challenge: combining the advantage of ERP and CRM

In the context of the digital transformation, the networking of processes across all company divisions is becoming increasingly important to our customers. To maintain or increase competitiveness, companies must react quickly to changes in the marketplace. Operational efficiency is also critical.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help:

Thanks to:

<div>you can win satisfied customers and keep them for a long time.</div>

What's behind Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines features from established Microsoft products, bringing them together in a modular, complete solution. As a cloud application, it also provides access to these functions worldwide and via German data centers. 

As flexible as your Business

You can easily and flexibly adapt Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your company. Start with the tools and functions that you actually need, paying a set monthly fee. This fee includes all costs for the desired applications and all users as well as for the infrastructure in the data center. If you need additional tasks or users, you can easily book other modules or user licenses.
You can also very simply enable read access to the applications and data for selected (or all) employees in your Company.

Integrated with Office 365

The seamless integration with Office 365 lets you and your employees access data from the ERP or CRM system directly in programs like Word, Excel or Outlook, and work with them in a familiar environment. For instance, a salesperson could respond directly to an email while accessing the required information from the financial and sales modules without having to exit Microsoft Outlook.

Business intelligence: Power BI and Cortana Analytics on board

Dynamics 365 also helps you manage your company thanks to featuring a number of powerful analysis tools and allowing you to seamlessly integrate others.

With Power BI, you can analyze your business data, convert it into visual presentations, and share it with your employees. Cortana Analytics lets your employees recognize changes in customer behavior quickly, so that you can react more effectively.

Tap new potential with Azure IoT Services

Azure IoT Services enables the simple and scalable integration of almost any end devices, machines and equipment into your processes. This represents the basis for the generation of new value creation models.

Application platform

The new Microsoft Common Data Service lets you connect individual business applications from within Dynamics 365, Office 365 and partner apps easily and without the need for complicated interfaces. This makes the same information directly available to all devices.

With PowerApps, you can create individual modular apps to simplify specific processes in your company.

In addition, the automation service Microsoft Flow lets you automate individual or recurring tasks. If, for example, emails from selected senders arrive or important new files are available in a Dropbox, Flow lets you set up customized notifications for the same.

The advantages of Dynamics 365 at a glance:

alnamic – we have the solution for you!

To save resources, time and money these days, it is necessary to efficiently integrate the most diverse company processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the optimal all-in-one solution for this.
We would be happy to discuss your individual needs in a personal consultation. Our team of experts will provide you with comprehensive and – most importantly – comprehensible information about the potential and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics and help you find the solution that fits your needs.

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