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On the “Internet of Things”

Machines and products are equipped with sensors or radio chips to communicate independently. This opens up enormous opportunities for businesses to streamline business processes and to identify new revenue opportunities.

Microsoft Azure IoT services – the cloud platform for your own internet of things

Capture and harness previously untapped data for your company

The internet of things (IoT) concept will become increasingly important in the industry 4.0 era. Digital business models are increasing, processes, products and employees are linked, business and operational data exist on different platforms. Companies and organizations are increasingly looking for innovative solutions for developing their own internet of things and to capture, analyse and integrate untapped data into their business life. This often leads to major challenges and uncertainties. In the process, the internet of things must be uncomplicated and not include an arbitrarily high number of devices.

More IT options. Less complexity. Lower costs.

Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services for analysis, computing, databases, mobile devices, networks, storage, and the Internet. This versatile cloud platform lets you monitor resources in real time, optimize operational performance and use innovative data analyses.

With integrated tools, pre-made templates and flexible services, you can create and manage corporate, web, and IoT applications (internet of things), as well as mobile apps. And you can do so quickly and easily – because you can use existing skills and familiar technologies.

Create your own “internet of things”

Microsoft’s Azure IoT services make getting started as easy and as transparent as possible:

Don’t think of the reams of data generated by billions of devices on the internet of things. Simply focus on the information that you get about your customers, processes, sales and products and how you can use this for your company.

Your internet of things is based on your existing infrastructure and uses familiar devices in a new way – because these are your devices, machines and systems and they contribute to the success of your company. You increase your efficiency, promote innovation, and can introduce significant changes with new business models and revenue sources into your company.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure IoT services:

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It doesn’t matter if you are new to the internet of things or have already invested in the development of an IoT solution for years: we will support you in the linking, administration and analysis of your “internet of things”, tailored to your business goals. Ask us how your company can benefit from Microsoft Azure IoT services. Contact us!