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FÜR SIE Handelsgenossenschaft eGWhen the business runs itself

“With Dynamics AX we managed to increase our sales in the beverage trade from 350 to 750 million euros without needing any additional staff ...”

“... – and there’s still room to grow.” Lars Weiler, IT Manager at FÜR SIE e.G. The purchasing cooperative FÜR SIE e.G., established in 1962, focuses on drop shipping in sectors such as the beverage trade, drug stores and hairdressing. Roughly 100 employees achieve an annual turnover of more than two billion euros. FÜR SIE e.G. is part of the REWE Group.

The business of the FÜR SIE e.G. purchasing cooperative, a REWE Group company, somewhat resembles the commodity futures exchange: In the beverage sector, the company moves 750 million euros worth of products annually without seeing a single bottle. “We are the link between Germany’s 6,500 beverage markets on the one side and about 80 beverage logistics suppliers on the other.”

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