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Max Weishaupt GmbH - smart heating systems using IoT technology in new services

With its new generation of condensing gas boilers, the heating specialist, Weishaupt, is also expanding its Internet of Things (IoT) activities. The new generation of appliances, available since the beginning of this year, can be easily operated while you are away from home. They provide service technicians with important information, and the manufacturer with relevant data for further product development. A win-win situation for everyone concerned.

Heating systems have a lot to do with comfort. They need to be easy to operate, as well as eco-friendly and economical. The heating specialist, Weishaupt, also had this goal in sight while developing the new gas-fired condensing boilers, WTC-GW/GB B.

This is the company’s first generation of appliances that can be connected to mobile services without any additional components. Using the cloud service, users can operate their system by smartphone, tablet or through their web browser. In addition, with the appropriate authorisation from the customer, direct access by service technicians is possible with a view to planning pending maintenance or service work efficiently, or even avoid it.

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