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VITRONIC Dr.-Ing. Stein Bildverarbeitungssysteme GmbH - More value creation in the product life cycle

‘We’re moving more and more towards standardised processes. In this way we benefit from consistent data and can respond much more quickly to new market requirements,’ says Head of IT, Michael Moser. The strategy has enabled the company to increase productivity for the first time.

Many businesses find themselves in a situation where they wonder how they can ensure that they are using the best technology and the right applications to promote growth and maintain their rate of innovation. It was no different for Vitronic GmbH from Wiesbaden.

In the case of Vitronic, their own product portfolio had already determined the course they were to take. Information was generated from images, and processes were initiated and managed accordingly – an entirely digitalised process. During the digital transformation the company focused on Industry 4.0 ideas and coordinated its IT infrastructure with its processes. A consistent IT structure is ideal for this, as different systems and technologies often lead to interface problems, lack of transparency and slow reaction times. So the company decided to convert its systems to a standardised and universal software solution.

Vitronic was supported in this by alnamic AG, a provider of business software and Internet of Things technology. By closely integrating all components of the solution, the product lifecycle services provided by the suppliers of Dynamics AX enable the continuous mapping of all process and flows of information, from construction, sales and production to IoT-based technical services. The modular system consists of components that are all based on Microsoft technologies and applications. The main element is the enterprise resource planning system, Dynamics AX, which can be expanded to include additional components as required. One example of this is a product lifecycle management solution, which ensures the management of all important product information in the ERP system and provides an interface for CAD and construction systems.

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