Monitor. Maintain. Service.

The platform: e-ControlNet

e-ControlNet lets you deploy modular functionalities for the management of technical systems and devices worldwide on a single service platform. This gives you an overview of all data and gives you access to equipment and systems whenever you need it.

Our IoT industry solution for technical services

Greater efficiency through innovative IoT solutions

The “fourth industrial revolution” or “industry 4.0” refers to the digitalisation of the economy and here especially the dynamic networking of systems and machinery. Through the use of a flexible IoT solution, businesses in different industries can digitally monitor, service and proactively maintain their machines and equipment. This saves operational, maintenance and repair costs and, in the worst-case scenario, avoids high downtime costs.

In order to meet the dynamic needs of a modern service business, manufacturers should offer more personalised services, tailored to each individual customer.

From experience

Manufacturers or distributors of technical equipment and machinery cannot afford downtime due to unplanned service interruptions or long lead times for major spare and replacement parts. New and expanded service and maintenance concepts are necessary in order to surpass the competition and strengthen innovation. This means: Producers and distributors must face the digital revolution and find modern solutions to automate business processes. This has a wide range of requirements, in some cases:

Our IoT solution

You benefit from an optimised and complete solution for condition monitoring of technical devices for systems and mechanical engineering. Regardless of what your machine or system is used for and regardless of location, our service platform e-ControlNet lets you monitor its status based on freely definable parameters, define warning thresholds and carry out analyses. 

Using innovative IoT technology, the existing sensors and controllers are locally connected and communicate with the central service platform. e-ControlNet acts as a kind of control centre, giving you access to data from all systems that you can analyse and evaluate. For example, trends can be visualised graphically for a technician to view, or critical operating conditions can be identified early.

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