One system solution. Many possibilities.

Security at the highest level

e-ControlNet features a multi-level security concept. You can clearly and securely set and monitor access to all end devices and information. Data transmission takes place exclusively via secure protocols.

e-ControlNet – the modular software platform for industry 4.0 / IoT applications

Optimize processes. Reduce costs.

The “fourth industrial revolution” – or “industry 4.0” – stands for the digital transformation of virtually all sectors of the economy. The foundations for this are modern internet of things (IoT) applications that enable intelligent networking of systems, products and applications over the internet, opening up new potential for value creation. Distributed devices and machines produce ever-greater amounts of data through powerful sensor systems. Using IoT applications, this data can be analysed and transformed to optimize processes, reduce costs, and generate new products and services for new target groups.

From decentralised data management to centralised information management

Functions such as controlling, monitoring, analysis and invoicing are expected from a modern software solution today, regardless of industry, manufacturers, areas of application, product generations, communication paths, data volumes and content. The application must also offer excellent data security, performance and user friendliness.

e-ControlNet meets all these requirements in a comprehensive system solution.

e-ControlNet lets you deploy modular functionalities for the management of technical systems and devices worldwide on one service platform. Bi-directional communication integrates end devices seamlessly into all central processes, including service, logistics and billing. In this way, e-ControlNet makes the shift from decentralised management of individual data points to centralised information management of networked systems.

The analysis and reporting functions of e-ControlNet provide relevant data to all employees at all times.

Always well informed. Online anywhere.

The potential applications here are virtually unlimited. No matter whether it is vending machines, wind farms or thermal power stations, fleet management or building automation and hazard notification systems. It is possible to integrate all types of communication-capable systems, devices and machines. Access is available at any time, from anywhere, via an internet browser, smart phone or tablet.

The open interface concept of e-ControlNet integrates smoothly into your existing systems and workflows. Web services let you use the functionality of e-ControlNet at any time via external systems (service-oriented architecture, or SOA).

Modular applications

e-ControlNet is a modular software solution with numerous function modules for the administration and management of technical equipment and systems. Each module offers you a wide range of standard functions which can be expanded and customised based on your needs:

alnamic – secure in good hands!

The successful implementation of a software solution depends on many factors. Apart from the quality of the product, the industry expertise of the implementation partner and the project methodology used are particularly critical.

We are always there for our clients, throughout the entire project – and beyond – with consultation, customer care and support, and we guarantee maximum transparency at all stages of the project. The industry expertise and extensive experience of our expert team from numerous successfully completed projects is evidence of this. Project goals are achieved accurately: at the agreed level of quality, on time and within the agreed budget. That you can rely on!