Microsoft Azure with German trust

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As of Q3 2016, Microsoft Azure offers you a flexible platform to develop, publish and manage applications via a German data centre. We would be happy to provide more information and consultation on the comprehensive range of Microsoft Azure software.

Microsoft Azure – your professional cloud-computing platform for Microsoft online services.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Anyone who wants to remain competitive and keep up with the ever-changing demands of the market needs an IT solution that wins when it comes to performance, availability and flexibility. Microsoft Azure makes you future-proof. The flexible cloud platform enables perfect integration of cloud services for analysis, computing, mobile devices, networks, databases, data storage and applications. Using a variety of built-in tools, useful templates, and services, you can create and manage new business applications – e.g. for mobile or the internet of things. 

You can adapt the online services from Microsoft Azure and scale them up or down based on your needs. This lets you react quickly and more flexibly to changes and makes your work more secure and transparent in terms of cost. In addition, you pay only for what you actually use. 

Microsoft Azure supports all major operating systems and programming languages, and integrates easily into your existing IT environment.

With Microsoft Azure you can handle any workload – from small development and test projects to global product launches.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Cloud Germany – security made in Germany

Many companies hesitate to use cloud services that save and manage their data outside of Germany. Microsoft has responded to this widespread insecurity and offers, among other things, a purely German cloud solution: Microsoft Cloud Deutschland. The Azure platform and all Azure-based services are operated from two German data centres- in Biere near Magdeburg and Frankfurt. 

With the new Microsoft Cloud Germany you know how and where your data is being processed at any time. Data synchronization takes place continuously between both German data centres to ensure your business processes are secure and that your data can be recovered in case of emergency.

T-Systems as German data trustee

T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, will act as the data trustee and manage access to all customer data stored in the new German data centres. Microsoft has no access to customer data without the consent of T-Systems or the customer. In addition, third parties cannot oblige T-Systems to provide that data.

Benefits of Microsoft Cloud Germany

alnamic – everything is possible!

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