Control and manage project information.

Perfectly networked.

Using Bluestar PLM®, suppliers and external partners can be integrated and will receive web-access to system data and function lists. For more transparency, efficiency and traceability throughout the entire supply chain.

Bluestar PLM® – your efficient product lifecycle management solution

One database. Many possibilities.

Imagine only having a single database for all of your development, manufacturing and business processes. Bluestar PLM® makes this possible.

Bluestar PLM® is a fully integrated product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX, specifically designed for the development and manufacturing of high-quality products.

Bluestar PLM® helps manufacturers get high-quality products to the market more quickly in various sectors such as industrial equipment, automotive and electronics.

This solution provides all PLM features in a single ERP environment: from quotations and development to production, assembly and delivery, through to documentation and maintenance. This ensures enterprise-wide integration of all departments and locations and improves cross-team collaboration.

Benefits of Bluestar PLM®:

Integrated Bluestar 3D viewer in Dynamics AX
Integrated Bluestar 3D viewer in Dynamics AX

Special features of Bluestar PLM®: