React flexibly. At all times.

Networked team

Mobile field service works both online and offline. Field technicians can carry out their service tasks professionally, regardless of whether or not they have a network connection. Updates are automatically sent to the back office as soon as the connection is restored.

Dynamics Software Mobile Field Service – the smart mobile solution for your sales force

Optimal service in real time

More than ever, improved customer satisfaction and higher customer loyalty are the decisive factors for standing out in the service sector marketplace. Enhanced on-site customer service (mobile field service) is becoming increasingly important in order to respond to unforeseen events like errors or urgent customer requests quickly and professionally.

Optimise field staff deployment by using effective route planning and skill-based resource assignment so that the right staff are always in the right place.

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Mobile Field Service allows you to efficiently control your field service operations and keep your customers satisfied with professional performance.

Efficient field service management

Mobile Field Service is a comprehensive software solution for HR planning, materials management, documentation and work planning to help improve your customer service “in the field”.

Your field staff can communicate seamlessly with the system and with experts in the back office and retrieve data about customers, orders, equipment and inventory via mobile devices. As a result, your field staff arrive on time at the customer’s location with the correct replacement parts and necessary information in order to work efficiently and keep your clients satisfied.

Mobile Field Service features