Efficient production at all times!

As flexible as your business.

The conditions for value creation change constantly for many manufacturing companies. Machines and processes must adapt flexibly and at reasonable expense. And companies expect the same from their software.

Microsoft Dynamics AX – enterprise solutions for manufacturers and production

The process optimisation challenge

The manufacturing and production sector is strongly influenced by the challenges of globalization: the extended workbench, increased environmental and social awareness as well as current changes in the context of industry 4.0. In addition, customers have more options for sourcing products. At the same time you expect your partners to provide not only high quality products at the right time and in the right place, but to also keep pace with future needs and trends.

Due to the increasing complexity of processes and the often opaque interaction of individual production factors, companies need a modern, integrated IT infrastructure.

To keep inventories as low as possible and still react quickly to different and in some cases unique customer needs, manufacturing and production companies need flexible solutions: Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX for manufacturing and production companies

React quickly and flexibly to customer needs whilst maintaining high standards in terms of productivity and service: Microsoft Dynamics AX lets you plan, control and automate your production processes more effectively. This integrated and adaptable ERP solution offers a comprehensive set of standard options that can be flexibly expanded by adding new functionality. In this way, you benefit from low implementation costs and a quick return on investment (ROI). The main features:

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX:

Microsoft Dynamics AX meets all your requirements for a modern ERP solution, tailored to your specific needs: