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Growth in the service sector

There has been a substantial increase in employment in the service sector in recent years. Total revenues in the services industry amount to more than 800 billion euros.

Microsoft Dynamics AX – solutions for service providers

Maximum customer satisfaction through the best performance!

The way that customers and service providers interact in today’s digital world is changing more and more rapidly and significantly. Customers expect immediate responses and access to the specific information and products that interest them. In order to build and maintain customer relationships over the long term, unique services that differentiate you from your competitors are more important than ever. This means: in order to keep up with the speed of your customers and respond immediately, your employees will need technological support that is cost-efficient and enhances quality: Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Internationalization, modernization and automation are the key words that will determine the future development of successful service providers.

Project management, resource management, service management.

Microsoft Dynamics AX offers flexible solutions specifically for the service sector. The combination of project management, resource management and service management lets you strengthen customer loyalty, increase employee productivity and improve your business results. All this in a trusted and networked environment, cost-efficiently and with a short time to value.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics AX: