Integration made easy.

Dynamics AX High-Tech

Dynamics AX High-Tech combines the advantages of standard software with the accuracy of a custom solution. The range of features in this complete solution is optimally tailored to your type of business and integrates easily with your Microsoft Office applications.

Dynamics AX High-Tech – the industry solution for high-tech and electronics manufacturing

Fit for the future. With efficient process management.

Anyone who is looking to operate successfully long-term in the highly competitive global market has to be flexible when it comes to changes in the industry and react quickly to current market and customer needs. 

Despite complex production processes, customers are more than ever expecting the best quality and speed with first-class personal service. The cross-departmental management of your company-specific processes using a modern integrated IT infrastructure is therefore essential.

Flexibility is a priority that is becoming increasingly important both in terms of the response to changes in the market and individual customer requirements.

Dynamics AX High-Tech

Realize efficient and future-oriented process management in your company with us. Using Dynamics AX High Tech, we offer you a high-performance, modular, and easy-to-integrate solution. Specifically tailored to the needs of the high-tech electronics industry across the entire value chain:

Materials management and demand planning

The framework conditions in materials management and demand planning vary rapidly. Net requirements need to be redetermined constantly; order processes and production planning have to be updated. Manufacturing operations need to respond quickly and without too much expense. The higher the product and BOM complexity, the more important a comprehensive, automatic MRP planning process becomes.

Benefits of Dynamics AX High-Tech:


Purchasing decides how capacity, delivery as well as capital will develop in the future.
In addition to the delivery times, procurement planning must also consider minimum order quantities, lot sizes, purchase prices and current stock levels. Dynamics AX High-Tech helps you do this. You can also respond quickly to changes in demand with schedule changes and volume adjustments.

Benefits of Dynamics AX High-Tech:


In production, you not only manage order-based products, but also monitor assembly production. In the process, you need an overview of delivery dates, component availability, production capacities and capacities of external manufacturers (make or buy) and be able to plan accordingly. The smallest changes can significantly influence current planning results under certain circumstances. Dynamics AX High-Tech keeps you up to date with activity messages so that you can react quickly when necessary.

Benefits of Dynamics AX High-Tech:

CRM/sales and logistics

Your customers expect precise deals with fixed delivery dates – even for new product versions. In addition to the delivery of new products, the delivery of spare parts, prototypes, and rental equipment is also part of day-to-day business. At the same time, you have to deal with service orders, complaints and the supply of spare parts. Dynamics AX High-Tech configures article versions directly from the the order, calculates production costs and selling prices – quickly and comprehensively.

Benefits of Dynamics AX High-Tech:


Research and development (R&D) are the basis for the success of many medium-sized high-tech companies. Efficient quality, time and budget management for R&D processes often decide the future success of a company. Different types of projects and the integration of customers and suppliers into the processes require a flexible system for managing and controlling project activities. The product module allows you to manage and monitor internal as well as contract research projects.

Benefits of Dynamics AX High-Tech:


Service is also an important part of the value chain for companies in the high-tech field. Your customers expect top quality and personalised service. The entire process requires efficient processing and tracking, from the receipt of the devices, to diagnosis, internal and external repair through to delivery and billing.

Benefits of Dynamics AX High-Tech:

Financial accounting

Financial management is the core of Dynamics AX High-Tech. Full integration in the other areas of the application allows the collection and analysis of financial data in real time. You can trace bookings to their origin and review them any time. With extensive country- and region-specific features, the solution fulfils the local financial requirements for 36 countries. Dynamics AX High-Tech is available in the local language for all supported countries.

Benefits of Dynamics AX High-Tech: