Tailor-made ERP.

The alnamic recipe for success

We create customized business solutions for our customers using a combination of industry knowledge, the industry software metals-AX® and the alnamic implementation methodology.

metals-AX® – the certified industry solution for the plastics industry

Respond quickly and flexibly to customer and market demands

From consultation to product delivery, customers always expect optimum quality, fast shipping, personalised service and favourable conditions. As a plastics distributor, you need an ERP solution that integrates and controls all business processes in order to react flexibly to customer and market requirements – while at the same time optimising capacity utilization and minimizing inventory and lead times. That solution is metals-AX®.

metals-AX® offers you a modular business solution with a range of services specifically for the plastics industry. In July 2008 metals-AX® earned the status “Certified for Dynamics AX”, the first in the industry in Germany.

The speed and integration of your work depends mainly on one thing: your software.

The foundation of your ERP success

Take advantage of our foundations for success:

Modern. Modular. Customised.

With metals-AX®, you benefit from a highly functional industry ERP solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. The birthplace of metals-AX® is in the classic steel trade. Based on a solution of the predecessor product XAL, we developed an industry solution for stainless steel, steel, plastic and metals over a number of years. Thanks to the highly functional PPC module, metals-AX® offers all options needed for recording, processing and documenting internal and external modifications, from simple single-level modifications through to complex, multi-stage sub-assembly production. Even the basic version offers you a variety of functions that can be expanded in a modular way depending on industry and individual requirements.

Selection of the functions available in metals-AX®





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Consultants with industry knowledge

We speak the language of business and know your processes down to the smallest detail. Take advantage of our years of experience as a Dynamics AX partner, our specialized knowledge and countless successfully completed client projects. We would be happy to provide a personal consultation on our metals AX® product and its special functions for the plastics industry.